Addiction Treatment for Gay Men and Women in a Gay Drug Rehab

Addiction Treatment for Gay Men and Women in a Gay Drug Rehab
I recently received a call from a man who was interested in locating a gay drug rehab. He and his partner were planning a wedding and thought it would be a good idea to get clean and sober before going any further with their lives. After a few weeks in a gay drug rehab and they agreed that the work they accomplished benefited them as a couple and as individuals. They felt ready to begin the next chapter in their lives.
I offer this example because it is so different from what I usually see. In my intervention work I have found—whether they are lesbian gay or straight—that very few people in a relationship with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction seek addiction treatment prior to getting married. Most continue with their drug addiction and alcoholism in denial and hoping things will get better. Needless to say things rarely get better as the drug addiction or alcoholism becomes more progressive.
It is difficult to move forward in any relationship when drug addiction or alcoholism are present as communication begins to break down drug use becomes the priority and depression anger and resentment are all common place.
What to look for in a gay drug rehab:
The most important qualities in a gay drug rehab or gay addiction treatment center are found in having a staff that is sensitive to the needs of the gay / lesbian population (non-homophobic ) a staff trained clinically in how to best address their particular needs and a comprehensive family recovery program. Due to the fact that there is so much anger and shame within the family unit a drug rehab or gay drug rehab needs needs to have a strong family component. The family therapist needs to be skilled to keep addiction treatment from dissolving into the same kind of communication the couple has at home.
The issue of whether to seek a lesbian/gay drug rehab alcohol rehab or addiction treatment program is something for each couple to decide. There are many gay drug rehabs and drug rehabs with gay components to choose from but it is important for you and your partner to do your homework. Ask questions of each drug rehab or gay drug rehab regarding staff credentials licenses and the problems they are equipped to handle.
While many of the problematic dynamics that exist between lesbian and gay male couples are not significantly different from their heterosexual counterparts the issues can be quite unique. A few of these are:
a. internal and external homophobia.b. child custodyc. coming out d. family issuese. sexuality
How a gay drug rehab help:
Often couples come to gay addiction treatment or gay drug rehab with the unspoken hope that therapy will change their partner and when that happens their problems will disappear. However since the only person any of us can change is ourselves the work drug rehab is to recognize our own addiction and take responsibility where appropriate. Some of the important goals besides abstinence of a gay drug rehab is to reduce shame deal with internalized homophobia and find acceptance. Don’t kid yourself it takes time and willingness.
If you are trying to locate a gay drug rehab gay addiction treatment program or a drug rehab with a gay drug rehab component you can go to or


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  1. Hal Taylor said

    Good post. Thank God for sites such as this one and . If it wasn’t for these sites I might not have been able to get help for my son before it was too late. Keep up the good work.

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