Back Links Top 10 Ways To Increase

Back Links – Top 10 Ways To Increase
Back links are healthy factor in the field of SEO to increase search engine rankings as well as increasig traffic for a website.
Following are the top most ways to increase back links for a website which is loved by most of the search engines especially Google. Google specifies that back links are one of the important factors to rank a website easily in Search Engines. A famous or a quality website will have a minimum of 300 back links. So try to follow the procedures to increase your back links.
1. Blogs: Own Blogs can be created and there should be frequent updating news with external links. You can also start commenting the existing blogs (sometimes the blogs allows links in the signature) which provide useful information.
2. Discussion Forums: Getting into the relevant discussion forums and answering. But it should be followed regularly. It should be kept in mind that the forums should leave us to have a link in the signature or the post.
3. Article Submission: Lots and lots of articles can be prepared and can be submitted to article submission sites. This should be original and not to be copied from anywhere.
4. Directory Submission: List of relevant directories can be extracted and submission should me made to those directories in appropriate categories.
5. Testimonials Submission: Good testimonials are valuable and they can be mentioned with a link to the site.
6. Technorati: Created blogs can be submitted to the site There are chances for the blogs if they are perfectly tagged to get a position in the home page itself.
7. RSS Feeds: RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content such as blogs news feeds or podcasts.
8. Distributing Press Releases: Press Releases can be distributed to other sites as a news or information same as articles. Here also duplication of the content are not allowed.
9. Social Bookmarking: There are lots of book marking sites available online and favorite sites can be bookmarked. If they are tagged by other people or network certainly the site will be popularized.
10. Online Classified Advertisement: There are free online advertisements available and can be used.


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