Do Gay Men Really Make More Than The Average American?

Do Gay Men Really Make More Than The Average American?
There are those who have observed that many gay men appear to make more money than the average American? Some pass this off as Urban Myth while others say “no” and say it is true. Some claim that Homosexual men do not make more than the average some claim they make less and that if you are to take into consideration all the closet homosexuals that in fact they make much less than the average American.
In my estimation and observance of homosexual men they do make more money than average Americans and it appears to me to be a lot more. I believe this to be due to their out of the box thinking and the fact that they are more likely to own their own businesses.
That certainly is not a derogatory comment and I know it is a demographic fact additionally their IQ are also on average 8 pts higher which is a lot (I will also throw that out there for you). Our company does business with many Gay Men and yes they do make more money and they tip very well too from what our franchisees tell me. This also means they are more likely to tip more in tithing. As far as someone being in the closet yes well how can anyone know what they make if they are in the closet or even if they are sure that they are gay themselves but I concede that point.
Regarding the Gay Male and their buying behaviors and incomes this is from observations of actual customers. They are very good customers “pink dollar” as they refer to it; it is a reality. These issues should be considered when discussing the intelligence levels and earnings of Homosexual Males. Think on this.


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