Donald Trump And Apprentice Out Of The Closet

Donald Trump And Apprentice Out Of The Closet
Gay is obviously popular today especially in LA and Hollywood. Gay must be the new black. On the second episode of Apprentice this evening Donald Trump caters a surprisingly majority of the show towards the Gay community. Tonight’s second episode of the new Apprentice: Los Angeles season was a battle over swimsuit design. Each team had to design their own line of swimsuits for both men and women. The teams then put on a fashion show in front of buyers who will hopefully buy more of their teams’ suits. The losing team of course goes to the boardroom where somebody (in using the famed stupidest term in reality TV today) will be “FIRED”
On my first side-note for the evening this season’s Apprentice is really missing the quality it has had in the past. Donald Trump in his element in New York Skyscrapers Hotels Lavish Meals and Penthouse suites were a huge part of the show. Now with the show traveling to LA that spark is missing. His boardroom posse is now gone leaving only his daughter to help him on the show. And speaking of sucking noises the living outside in the tents is really getting annoying. It’s totally slapping people in the face who were once fans of the show. It was funny the first night they had to sleep outside but it’s over now. The show was fine before why so many changes?
On my second side-note I really have a problem with “You’re Fired!” — Those of you that know me I’m sure are throwing things at the screen now but I have to say it again. They can’t be fired! Trump describes this show as a job interview meaning they are not hired yet. Quit saying You’re Fired!!
Back to the Gay. The Don has never had success on his shows before with Gay people so why so much this year? Already in just this one episode 2 of the people on the show came out to us. Conveniently I might add one on each team. (still think it’s not rigged?) Obviously Trump (and probably NBC) is trying to cater more to the Gay community because of the unarguable popularity of the topic in today’s culture. But then on the “Gay Show” to continue to laugh at and belittle Gays (as only Donald can) also doesn’t make any sense. To top that off Donald fired one of the Gay guys without asking questions that were brought up by his daughter before the boardroom meeting.
Now back to the bathing suit. The suit that “supposedly” lost the event for the team was what Trump himself called “the gay suit” (see I told you it was the gay show). This Gay suit (am I supposed to capitalize Gay?) was basically a skimpy little speedo. It was a tight-fitting stretch fabric that obviously was for people with the top 5% hottest bodies. Donald goes on to say that the swimsuit would not be worn by most men and that only the Gays would wear it. He even uses the statistic 1% of men to describe the number of gay people.
OK where do I start. First of all I personally think the number 1% to be a little low for the number of gays in the US. With about 100 million males in the US that leaves (according to his numbers) 1 million gay males. That’s a lot but I just think it’s a little low. I guess until the census bureau decides to start asking we will never know. I will leave that topic for later.
Second there are major flaws in Trump’s logic in this case. First of all blaming the loss on the design of 1 suit makes no sense. There were 3 swimsuits designed for each team and only 1 of them was “the Gay suit.” The other 2 were normal swimsuits that could be worn by anybody. I think it was actually a good idea to go after a different market. When I say “a different market” I don’t mean the Gays like Donald Trump puts it I mean the people that would wear a swimsuit like that. There are PLENTY of people Gay or Straight or Both that wear skimpy suits. I see them everywhere. There’s a market albeit small that they were obviously going after. But why not? They had 2 other suits to cater to the market Trump believes was more important.
Finally the major flaw in Trump’s logic is very simple: THIS IS L.A.!! I will say that again he’s not in New York anymore he is in Los Angeles. Not only that he’s in Santa Monica. Behind probably Miami there’s more pretty and un-clothed people there than anywhere else in the US. Does it not makes sense to AT LEAST “partially” cater to them?
Stick to Buildings and Real Estate Donald Trump your fashion sense isn’t working.


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