Federal Government Regulator Homosexual Attacks

Federal Government Regulator Homosexual Attacks
Did you know that if you work at a company which is thought to be anti-homosexual rights or of a very pro-Christian viewpoint corporation that your company could become a target of Federal Government Regulators? Did you know if you are a homosexual male in Washington DC you have 305% better chance of getting hired? Did you know that 23% of all Federal Government employees in Washington D.C are outright gay not closet homosexuals but out in the open flaming and flaunting it? Less than 2% of our population is gay yet we have 23% in Washington D.C. working for our government? Why?
Did you know that they have a mandate in the Gay and Lesbian Community to use the law to attack companies and individuals who oppose their forward progress? Did you know that their strategy is to use the law or abuse the law to do this? Did you know that one of their strategies is to use negative Public Relations to disrupt companies which oppose them or they think may oppose them?
It gets worse in fact they have mini-networks in various agencies with inside names and phone numbers that average citizens cannot get. They call this collaboration amongst government but it is an insider Gay club. Often this club abuses power and uses their reach to assist friends in businesses curtail the efforts of other competing companies by starting bogus investigations and cases to go on fishing expeditions and if they cannot find something then they make it up as they go then file the government lawsuit anyway while alerting 8800 media outlets in anti-PR against the company. Even if you win the bogus BS case you lose in the media. Personally I have no hate towards homosexuals yet our company was attacked make no mistake I have no problem with the gay way of life as long as they keep it way from me they are free to do whatever they want. I do not hate but had previously been the target of such abuses of power.
We have a problem in our society which attacks our fiber as any group which condones threatening emails to citizens and believes it is okay to lie in courts manipulate the law and abuse power in any level of authority in our government we lose Truth Justice and the American Way. This fringe gay group is unfit to lead or represent their own Gay and Lesbian Community group; much less any of us citizens in Our government. We own the government and it is not to be used as a tool by one fringe group to force their will on the rest of us. I was unlawfully attacked and threatened in emails that they would use the law to attack me again in some way. This indicates to me that these fringe homosexuals have hijacked our laws and are attempting to hijack our government and violate those willing to point out this fact. Indeed they are willing to violate our free speech rights so they can shout over us in with their free speech rights. Face it. That is what is happening here.
Many Americans are not watching this trend. You see the fringe in the homosexual community want all of us to shut up if we notice this dishonest move to usurp the law to turn us into a group of “Politically Correct” weaklings yet the politically correct way of life they are promoting is their politically correct way as they are stealing the politic.
Indeed if you work in a Federal Agency and see these things happening and mention it then you will find yourself squeezed out. No one wants to be demoted lose their job or pension. The problem with all this is that in effect this group is using the government to attack anyone who opposes them or anyone associated to anyone who opposes them. If you mention it then they call you names like; “anti-gay” or Homophobic or even KKK Naziish yet in fact isnt this exactly how the NAZI party took over? They will attack any company group or individual which they feel hurts their movement yet their own movement is flawed from within yet they blame all of us in Society?
This is a very dangerous scenario as those who feel disrespected often want revenge and such fringe behavior is a death nail to the future of their own movement yet in the process they are damaging the whole of our civilization. If the Gay and Lesbian Community cannot take care of their own fringe then the rest of us will have to do this for them and we can start by putting anyone who abuses the law in any government agency or regulatory body in prison as they are traitors to our Nation while destroying all we are and all we have built.
Is that an anti-Gay comment? No it is the Gods honest truth what is the problem with telling the truth anymore? Oh I see it is not “Politically Correct” to tell the truth anymore so we cant say that? Well I am saying it are you listening.
What is the deal with our Homosexual Government workers using the government to attack us? The 2% of the Gay population is being controlled by their .01% radical fringe which is telling the other 98% of us how to live what to say and hijacking the law to make sure we serve their will. What do you think of this trend in America?
When this fringe within the generally benign Gay and Lesbian Community who just want their rights as we all do single out individual companies groups or Americans for attack then go on the TV with their petty vindictive and winning comments in the mass media we can see that no one is safe. Not even the Apple Pie groups like the Boy Scouts of America.
In essence this fringe is flaunting their power and demanding their rights by stealing the rights of others and you know what it is not okay. We need to clean house in Washington D.C now because our government is being hijacked and every insider knows it but tolerates it due to fear of being singled out and attacked that means all your elected representatives too. If America is to become the land of the free home of the brave and land of the Homosexuals then we have dishonored our heritage and our family names. Homosexuals should have their rights just like anyone else no more or no less. But no one is to take away the freedoms we have spilled our blood to earn. This Nation is for everyone not one group. Think on it.


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