Gay Alcohol Abuse in Florida

Gay Alcohol Abuse in Florida
What Attracts Gay Men and Gay Women to Drugs and Alcohol?
Alcohol rehab and drug rehab program studies indicate that low self esteem internalized homophobia and shame among gay men and lesbians increase their risk for drug addiction and alcohol abuse. In many cases drugs and alcohol are a central focus of the gay club and bar culture and joining in can foster a sense of belonging. Sharing a line of cocaine or crystal meth or several drinks is seen as sophisticated and even a little decadent. This can be the first step towards drug addiction alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency.
Do Gay Men and Gay Women Choose Some Drugs Rather Than Others?
Gay men and gay women take all kinds of drugs and drink all types of alcohol. From the marijuana smoking bohemians of the 1950s to the cocaine heads of the disco era via ecstasy crystal meth amyl nitrate ketamine GHB and beyond drugs are part of gay life. Let us not forget the fine wines and other alcoholic beverages that accompany the drug abuse. More recently there have been studies linking gay men and anabolic steroid abuse not to mention Viagra. It appears that some gay men’s obsessions with having a hard body is spilling over into their drugs of choice.
What’s being done to address gay alcohol abuse and gay drug abuse?
Some health promotion groups are calling for more social alternatives to the gay bar and club scene. They believe that gay people are less likely to want to take drugs if there are more places to meet. There is also a need for gay drug rehab programs and gay alcohol addiction treatment programs. The feeling is that a gay man or lesbian will be more likely to go to alcohol rehab or drug rehab if the alcohol rehab is at a minimum a gay friendly alcohol rehab. If you are looking for a gay drug rehab or gay alcohol treatment program go to or call the national alcohol abuse helpline at 1-800-511-9225. A gay friendly alcohol rehab can also be found at


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