Gay Drug Addiction

Gay Drug Addiction
Gay drug addiction or alcohol addiction problems?
Addiction is a primary progressive and fatal illness which if left untreated can result in premature death or a life plagued with despair. Addiction has also been described as a pathological relationship to a substance person behavior or process.
The idea that drug addicts or alcoholics are weak willed or morally corrupt has long ago been debunked. That attitude keeps people from seeking addiction treatment or drug rehab and fosters shame resentment and fear around their illness.
“Shaming” addicts for their drug abuse and drug addiction behavior is counter productive. It creates barriers to recovery and greatly complicates the recovery process once begun. Once in the grips of drug addiction the addict or alcoholic rarely has control of their thoughts or actions. They are all centered around how to best “feed” their drug addiction or alcohol addiction.
Signs and Symptoms- When you drink or use drugs does it take more or less to get you drunk or high than it used to? (Increasing or decreasing tolerance is a sign of addiction.) – Do you ever drink or use more than you intended to? (This indicates loss of control over your alcohol use.) – Do you make sure you have a supply of drugs or always keep alcohol near by? Preoccupation with supply is a characteristic of drug addiction or alcohol addiction.) – Do you have blackouts – forget what you have done or said or “lose time” after drinking or using? (Blackouts are indicative of late stage alcoholism alcohol addiction or drug addiction.) – Do you ever drink or use drugs in the morning to reduce anxiety or cope with a hangover? (This indicates a progression of drug addiction or alcohol addiction) – Do you ever find yourself wishing for a drink or drug to calm down or steady your nerves? (This indicates self medication as well as a in your progression of your drug addiction or alcohol addiction) – Do you ever drink alcohol when taking prescription medications when told it is dangerous to do so? – Have you ever gone to work or school drunk or high? – – Do you find yourself using alcohol or drugs to help you sleep or reduce anxiety? – When prescribed medication do you take more than prescribed? (“If one is good – two is better”) – Have friends family or loved ones ever commented on or expressed concern about your use?
Do you ever drink or use alone? – Do you do or say things you later regret when drinking or using? (Impaired judgement from drinking or using indicate a sign of progression loss of control and late stage drug addiction or alcohol addiction.) – Have you ever had a DUI driven drunk or had a drug or alcohol related accident or injury? – Have you ever stopped or cut back on drinking or using because you felt it was causing problems in your life? (Life difficulties around use indicate a problem – many alcoholics and addicts temporarily modify their patterns of using in an effort to prove to themselves that they have control of their use. – Do you switch from one substance to another or change drinks in an effort to regain control? (Switch from Scotch to BeerBeer to Drugs?- Do you believe you’re not an addict because your drug of choice is legal or prescribed? If you have answered yes to several of these questions it might be a good idea with friends or family to take a close look at your drinking or drugging habits. If you decide their might be a problem or a problem exists seek help at a gay friendly drug rehab gay friendly alcohol rehab or gay friendly detox of your choice.
If you require assistance locating a drug rehab alcohol rehab that is gay friendly please call us at 1-800-511-9225 Recovery Connection and we will be happy to locate one for you.


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