Gay Lesbian Bisexual Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse
Alcoholism and alcohol dependency is a fatal chronic illness affecting the lives of 20-30% of the gay lesbian bisexual and transgender population (GLBT). Studies have found that 35% of lesbians had a history of gay alcohol abuse compared to only 5% of the heterosexual women. In addition further studies have shown that 30% of lesbians and gay men suffer from drug abuse or drug addiction suggesting that the gay and lesbian community constitutes a high-risk population with regard to alcohol abuse and drug abuse.
Why is Gay Drug Abuse and Gay Alcohol Abuse Such a Problem?
It is important not to assume that homosexuality causes gay drug abuse or gay alcohol abuse. When gay men lesbians and bisexuals internalize society’s homophobic attitudes and beliefs the results can be devastating. Societys hatred becomes self-hatred. It can lead to feelings of alienation despair low self-esteem self-destructive behavior and substance abuse. Some gay men lesbians and bisexuals resort to substance abuse as a means to numb the feelings of being different to relieve emotional pain or to reduce inhibitions about their sexual feelings.
Where Gay Substance Abuse and Gay Alcohol Abuse Begins and Ends
Gay substance abuse often begins in early adolescence when youth first begin to struggle with their sexual orientation. When surrounded by messages telling you that you are wrong and sick for who you are eventually you may begin to believe it. Having to hide your identity and deal with homophobic comments and attitudes — often made by unknowing family and friends — can have a profound effect on you. In response to this overwhelming shame and homophobia many lesbian gays and bisexuals turn to alcohol abuse and drug abuse.
If you need help locating a gay friendly drug rehab or gay friendly alcohol rehab you can go to or call 1-800-511-9225 the national drug abuse helpline.


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