Gay Marraige and it

Gay Marraige and it
I dont think the government should have control over who we marry and who we dont. I am personally not a lesbian but If I was in love with a girl the government would be damned if they thought they were keep us from getting married. God for that matter too. I think that just because some people think it coincides with their religion doesnt mean we should ban it. I mean prostitution is legal in Nevada drinking is legal from all over 21 years of age cigarettes (being knowingly harmful to the body these too are sins.)
If a group of organized religion members (lets call them “the cult”) got together (not being Christians) and decided that their god wouldnt like it when we drive cars hell if the government would even think about banning our cars. You know?
Maybe the United States was built upon Christianity and the belief of God but it was also built upon something else: Freedom. Some of us are Christians some of us are gay. Thats just how diversity works. This kind of discrimination is a mirror image for what has happened in our history. We discriminated against blacks because: our religion. We discriminated against women because: the bible says to. Cant we just see this book is keeping us from being who we want to be? It makes us think that war is okay yet sex is wrong? It has been keeping us from peace this whole time. And no one has even noticed. It has brainwashed us and kept us feeling okay when we were lonely. It gave us nice fairy tales so we would never wonder the science of it all. It has banned the REAL supernatural such as witchcraft and such. It has closed all these doors. Why cant we just see that?
It is almost impossible to get everyone in the world to understand that there may be a higher power but know one will really know for sure. Weve had so many types of beliefs over the years why does Christianity make more sense than the rest of them? It doesnt.
Its discrimination. Theres no other word for it. Discrimination. And the government know discrimination is wrong and that one day they will have to legalize it one way or another.


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