Gay Marriage Amendment in the Senate

Gay Marriage Amendment in the Senate
The push to ban homosexual marriage in the United States Senate does not appear to be happening anytime soon. Why? Well some say me included that the Senatorial Staffers are by a huge percentage Gay. And since they run most of Washington DC from behind the scenes they have been able to block the potential bill and any vote on the issue.
It is amazing the politics in Washington DC and we need to move Washington DC to a more secure spot and therefore lets move it to Battle Mountain Nevada or perhaps Tucumcari New Mexico.
These are great places because they are in the middle of no where and the government can concentrate on their work and not all the distractions and gay bar scene on Capital Hill where these folks use government credit cards at the local pubs and taverns and go “pubbing” and call these; “Strategic Planning Sessions” on taxpayers money.
If you feel you wish to have a bunch of butt buddies running our nation and dicktating policy then we can leave our Federal Government in Washington DC the most crime infested city in the United States of America where it is a free-for-all void of any integrity honor or commitment to uphold the Constitution of the United States. No more frolicking in the streets we must not allow interior politics and back door bend over deal-makers to dicktate US government policy. Consider this in 2006.


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