Gay Marriage And The Opinions

Gay Marriage And The Opinions
It’s fascinating to me to read people’s opinion on gay marriage. In reading articles all over the World Wide Web I get to see what people think on the subject and what they really feel about it. People have reasons for allowing it almost as many reasons as to why they shouldn’t. Gay marriage what does that mean? It means two people get married. They have the same protections that marriage offers and it means that these two people are treated as a couple. It is the same thing for straight people. They have the benefits of marriage and can share in their love with other on their big day. Why can’t gay people have the same rights?
Some people say it is because of religion. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. America was founded under God. America is a Christian Nation and therefore what the Bible says is gold. I mean this list can go on and on and thats just religion. However aren’t we supposed to separate politics from religion? Ultimately the decision is made on religious reasons only. Why? What if people do not believe in God does that mean that a politician has spoken on their behalf based on a religion they do not believe in? Now I understand that homosexuality is against several religions Christianity and Islam to name a couple. Yet there are plenty of people out there who do not fall under the categories of religion. What happens to them and what they want when the majority who is religious says no? Where should the line be drawn between politics and religion? I thought the American Constitution already drew that line.
Some people come out with that it isn’t normal. Well I am sure there are people who can recall a period when bi-racial marriage wasn’t normal. I am sure there are people that can recall when blacks didn’t have rights because to give them rights wasn’t normal. What is the definition of normal? Seriously who decides what is normal and what isn’t? Do I or you? And if we are the creators of the definition of normal then please enlighten me as to what it is. In some cultures its the norm to have several wives. It is also customary to get married at the age of 15. Why is that? It goes on because it is the norm for that culture. I could also tell you that it is allowed in some nations to allow drugs its illegal to drink in others or that it is customary to walk around topless at a beach while in other places it is not. What is the norm? Who decides if gay marriage and homosexuality in general is the norm and why do they make the decision despite what others want? I truly want to know who these people are.
There are the few who also state that gay marriage would actually harm the sanctity of marriage. Now I personally think this one is my favorite. It will ruin the sanctity of marriage. And how is that? When the next door neighbor gets married to his high school sweetheart there may be people who object to the whole thing. They say he isn’t good enough for her. Maybe he harms her in some way. Do these protests ruin their marriage? Do the words that anyone says against them harm the sanctity of their marriage? No. If they get married and its a horrid marriage that ends in divorce beatings or affairs does this ruin the sanctity of marriage? There are several examples of gay marriage scattered over the globe to prove that it does not harm it in any way. In fact it shows just the opposite. Gay marriage allowed in different countries has shown that people are happier. They are protected under the law; they can do for their partners and generally have the same rights as the average Joe down the block. Divorce has actually gone down in some cases and so has suicides. What does that say? If you look at it from this stand point it might become a little clearer for you. I am not in your bed; I am not married to you. I do not have kids with you and a white picked fence with two cats. I can no more tell you how to live your life than you can mine because we do not know each other from a hole in the wall. I am not in your bed and therefore cannot tell you what to do in it. It really is that simple isnt it?
Gay marriage and homosexuality is a topic that people love to talk about. It isnt the norm or its wrong. Should they or shouldnt they have the marriage or should they even have the right to be gay? Such conversations go on all over the world. They go on by straight people as well as the homosexual man. Yet I do not understand why it is such a big deal for straight people when they themselves are not gay. They assume that homosexual people have the option to be gay; they assume they have the choice. If they had the choice do you really think they would take such a hard road through life having people hate them disown them and tell them they are less that the rest? I dont believe they would.


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