Homosexuals Should Be Allowed Multiple Husbands or Wives to Be Fair He Said

Homosexuals Should Be Allowed Multiple Husbands or Wives to Be Fair He Said
Not more than a few weeks ago I had met a very nice clean cut looking man and we had a talk at a coffee shop about a number of very intellectual topics. I thought what good fortune to find intelligent life on Earth. As we got to talking after about 30 minutes or so I got the feeling that this gentleman was a homosexual but he did not come right out and say it. Probably because he knew I was a completely straight guy who loves women.
Some how the subject of him being gay came up and we discussed the implications of a society which made such sound and fury over that issue. He told me from his perspective what he thought about it all. Later he said that once gays can marry he hopes that he can marry more than one man because he has several men he beds with and really wanted to marry them all. In fact he said I am sure they would not mind either since they seem to have the hots for all the others too.
Wow I thought so his plan is to work real hard politically to force our government to repeal laws against gay marriage and once that is done he would then work real hard to get laws past allowing multiple gay partners too? Who knows maybe they might even throw in one token woman for kicks? You know to be completely fair and so they can all get kids to raise in their multiple parent commune?
Indeed I told him that in the present period this might in fact be a real dilemma but he understood that but was hopeful anyway with the right number of people in Congress who were also gay that they would have enough votes to get all that done eventually. Now I am not in the gay and lesbian scene actually attempt to avoid it and so I cannot even say if these aspirations are typical of the future trends. Perhaps this article will propel thought and allow a communication dialogue to take place in 2007.


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