How Both The Right And Left Are Missing God In Politics

How Both The Right And Left Are Missing God In Politics
As you probably have not come across my writings before as I have never posted in this subject before let me give you some insight into myself as a Christian firstly so you can get a handle on what is making me up and why I might say some of the things I am going to say in the article below.
Joel a prophet in the Bible prophesied/predicted that in the last days that men would see visions and prophesy.
I have told people things about themselves when the people were unknown to me and brought people a personal relevant message from God in person and via the net on hundreds of occasions in the past few years. I have the gift of prophecy and can not only receive and share personal messages from God with people but I can have two way conversations with God and Jesus in my mind that can sometimes last for hours.
I have met Jesus on earth in visions no less then forty times where He has joined me and chatted to me and I have been taken to heaven five times and seen and experienced things up there that will forever light my spirit with joy and happiness. I have met God on His throne in heaven as a big ball of light and He has sat me down and spoken to me about my life and future.
In Christian circles I find it rare to meet other people who have experienced what I have experienced and I have to praise God that He really is a God that is not backward in rewarding His servants that give Him their whole life and a lot of their money and time.
I only have to pick up the Bible for half an hour and I have four passages that I can write 2500 word sermons/articles on and when I write I write at about 25 words per minute as fast as I can type with no pre thinking and no editing save trying my best to get all the spelling and grammar right before posting. When I read the Bible in most instances I understand what is being said as the Holy Spirit teaches me and enlightens the hidden and deeper meanings to the text. When I read the prophets of the Old Testament I often see a message for the earth today and individual countries.
This world is wicked in Gods sight and the Christian church is a very long way from what it should be and could be and used to be in the early days of the church and so why the policies and practices of the major parties in the West are so scripturally bankrupt is that the modern church is not powerful anymore and is too afraid to stand up and be counted when justice is not being done in the world.
Let me look at some issues
The third world
If the Christians of this world could simply unite over eradicating poverty in the third world it would be done as there are 1 billion people in the Christian faith. But the problem with the Christian church is that they are so divided by mans doctrines and theology that they cannot agree on many things.
Nations like China for instance produce so many things we buy in the West but the workers in the factories get paid a pittance. It is multi national Western companies in many instances that run these factories with cheap labour and instead of paying a fair wage make mega bucks selling them in the West. It would only take the Christians in the West to tell one of the multi nationals to double the labour rate of their foreign workers or we will boycott their products to see one of these huge firms do so.
Christians could have a lot of power but few of them have it because they serve money and greed themselves. Jesus taught that a person cannot serve two masters and said that the person will love one and despise the other. Then He went on and said you cannot serve mammon and God. Mammon is said to be money in one translation of the Bible and yet I translate it more as the things of this world.
The problem with the modern church and therefore the politics and policies of the USA is that people in the church like to try and love the best of Jesus and the best of the pleasures of this world also where Jesus clearly taught that you cannot do that. Jesus said that the road to His sort of life is narrow and difficult to traverse and that few people find it. Few Christians walk the talk and obey the commands of Jesus.
In China there are 60 million Christians in a church that is underground and illegal that do not have their own personal Bible. These Bibles cost $7 Australian dollars. If the West wanted to the Christians in the West could afford to buy all of these Bibles in two weeks.
The reason that they dont is that they generally dont know about the need and when they do they simply dont care.
Every one it seems thinks that free enterprise and a market driven economic system of capitalism is best for the world and if these 60 million Christians had a Bible in China the Christian faith would grow there at an exponential rate and soon communism would fall in that country yet the easy way to kick start that growth in the country some $420 million dollars is too hard for the millions of us in the West.
Besides it suits us to have poor workers so that we can get cheap products and we couldnt really force multinationals to double the pay rate as we all have shares in those companies and it would decrease our yields and profits.
And that is just China. I havent spoken about India or Africa.
Both sides of government have been in power in the last twenty years in our countries and the plight of the third world remains the same. We are simply too greedy and we really do not care about our common man when it hampers the lifestyle that we are used to Many might be thinking that Jesus said “There will always be poor among you.” And use that as a reason to justify themselves but the fact of the matter is that the Christian church in the USA only tithe on average 2% of their income and they cant even give God His dues let alone their fellow man.
Gay Marriage
All I seem to hear from the Christian church is this is the biggest sin in the world. We have plenty of gays living with each other in a sexual relationship and it seems that is fine with us but no marriage is sanctioned as something between a male and a female in the Christian church and Bible and so in no uncertain terms the Christian right is dead against it becoming law.
Well folks have you ever considered putting your arms around a gay male and giving him a great big hug and telling him you love him no mater what his sexual orientation is?
At least 80% of male gays have been molested as children and this is almost four times the rate of the totals for sexual abuse in the male population as a whole.
Sexual abuse and the breakdown of a father son relationship are the biggest two contributing factors to becoming gay gene theories aside.
Gay males need good healthy non gay male friends and father figures that will hug them and restore some healing in them they dont want half the Christian church condemning them to hell and saying they cant be a legally married couple.
I am not saying I am condoning gay marriage here but the Christian church do not seem to know by in large how a gay person feels much less love them and share genuine love of Jesus with them in sufficient measure to bring them to a change in their lifestyle.
Many men in the church sleep with men as I used to in the years between 14 and 23 when I stopped sleeping with men.
The Christian right like to shout but what they do in shouting is lack compassion and understanding.
I heard a press story over here that Hillary Clinton has promised that she will have troops withdraw from Iraq if she is elected in a couple of years. The same promise is happening here with our left.
It might interest you to know that in the Clinton years children in the tens of thousands were dying of treatable diseases in Iraq but requests for medicine under the food for oil deals were being rejected by the USA as the doctors were being told that the chemicals in the medicines could be used to develop chemical weapons.
Since sanctions in Iraq under both your parties over one million people have died of diseases that could have been cured.
Since the coalition occupation of Iraq over 650000 Iraq citizens have died.
This is the most injustice I have ever seen in my life. It is appalling and we the coalition are responsible for these deaths.
Only a few thousand people died in the twin towers and what is that compared to 650000 or 1650000 if you count the sanctions.
The West has blood on their hands and this article is my way of washing the blood from mine. The church is guilty and the bloody Christian right supporting this war are wicked.
What ever happened to turning the other cheek and loving your enemies?
More ranting
This world stinks. How can a Christian nation allow such sex scenes in pre marital sex on movies go all around the world through Hollywood? Fornication isnt even a sin anymore and Christians get excited and turned on just as much with the sex scenes in movies.
The homeless dont get invited to parties and given spare change anymore off Christians as they say that they dont want to contribute to their drug problems.
Abortion happens in the church and sexual abuse is rife with no less happening in church families then non church families.
The world is wicked and all the church is doing is getting rich and living it up and preaching a gospel that you can be happy and rich and live a great life and still serve God.
You wont see me post here often. I have no time for politicians. Both George W Bush the war monger and John Howard our leader are both self professed born again Christians and it seems the whole church is being led by blind guides or they are busy sticking their heads in the ground or else wicked themselves.
If you have an interest in spiritual matters I encoruage you to read one of my 140 plus articles a lot of which are Biblical.


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