Marriage is Between Two People

Marriage is Between Two People
Have you ever seriously stopped to consider why gay marriage is illegal? It seems silly in a way because if two people want to get hitched and live their life who is anyone else to stop them? Recently I was discussing this issue in an online forum with someone from the Christian Right and an argumentative gay activist.
The Christian had his Bible in hand and was quoting scripture and the gay activist was calling him an ignorant fool and the was reciprocated by “burn in hell you heathen scoundrel Satan worshiper.” Obviously this conversation was going nowhere fast.
Then the gay activist started in on me. You see I merely pointed out the Gay Fringe is setting the gay and lesbian community back a few notches and lengthening the time until society over all will accept and vote for their rights to get married. I believe that “pursuit of happiness” is a good enough Constitutional Play to move the Supreme Ct. but remember even the courts are a political event. But that was not good enough for the gay activist he called me a “Bible Thumping Moron” but in actuality I belong to no religion whatsoever.
No I think you misinterpret the conversation really. Since you were so mean to me; I have changed my mind and now will not support gay marriage after these attacking comments to my personal character. The issue of gay marriage really does not now nor ever did bother me personally. I don’t care if you all get married it probably is a good idea to prevent spread of AIDS actually. So philosophically I am not opposed. But the verbal abuse I can do without so you have alienated another potential supporter and man of means? Hey that is your choice. It can be done the easy way or the hard way. Done deal and thus he proved my point as to how the gay fringe is alienating regular folks to the cause so for now marriage is between a man and a woman and not tow people. Consider all this in 2006.


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