Men and Women Can Get Married by Law

Men and Women Can Get Married by Law
Lately we have sure heard a lot about gay and lesbian marriage and the court case in Massachusetts has come back against gay married and provided a huge set back for the gay activists. Some gay activists were shocked and many of the Christian Right were completely relieved. But what is the big deal really over?
Some think it is due to the radical and flagrant fringe and their running around calling everyone homophobic and acting persnickety. I recently talked of this issue with some gay activists but I can see no one is interested in solving this issue I have raised this issue with the gay fringe and no one on that side much cares. And so I hereby predict that the goal of gay marriage for G & L Community will not be a near-term win. But rather sometime within the next 10-years or just after depending on public sentiment political wind and that wild card of the gay fringe; since I am usually right and this is hardly a linear thought and since I have traveled to every city in the United States over 10000 people I am pretty confident of what I see? So take it for what it is or dont but as the future does unfold well maybe I can post on a future Blog; I told you so?
Fact: The Gay Fringe is preventing the Gay and Lesbian Community from reaching its goal of marriage. Until this fringe is brought back into check the movement will be slow coming as the silent majority has stopped listening. Additionally this fringe is a time bomb waiting to go off and I am seriously concerned a few of theses gay fringe may go do random shootings on regular Americans. I fear for the safety of the nation. Consider all this in 2006.


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