Mirroring Techniques in Online Forum Controversial Debates

Mirroring Techniques in Online Forum Controversial Debates
Have you ever participated in an online forum debate and found yourself in the midst of name-calling and really bad behavior yet wanted to get back on the subject but could not seem to get anyone from fighting? Indeed this is not an easy thing to do at all but here is how you do it.
First you deny any label anyone has called you. Then you make everyone feel sorry for calling you whatever names or things they called you last you tell them you are so angry that you are now switching sides from your former neutral position and let them know now you are going to be vigilant in fighting against their cause from here on out. Here is an excerpt of how it works and this is taken from a forum debate on gay marriages of all things. But it was indeed good practice;
“I am not a Buddhist so “Scotty7” your categorization of what “I am” is yet another mirror of what you think I think you are. Therefore from here on out I am now the voice of the opposition until the gay and lesbian community admits that their gay fringe is abusive slanderous vindictive and often usurps the law violating other peoples rights and then demanding their own. All the while disrespecting everyone in the process and calling anyone who mirrors such disrespect in reciprocation a NAZI homophobic a liar ignorant psychotic or some other mean spirited comment. Now I will be your mirror. How do you like me now? You have called me names and attack when I was neutral and understanding
And in doing so you can see exactly the problems the gay fringe causes when they attack and you can see why the gay fringe needs to be mentored into a better mental space if the gay and lesbian community is ever to attain the goal of marriage. This hurts me to do this more than it is hurting you. Indeed hard Lessons are often like that.”
Next you sit back and wait for all the apologies to come in and you have used EI or Emotional Intelligence to put yourself back on top and negated all the previous posts in the debate. Now you control the situation and can lead the debate to a place and time of your choosing. It works every time. Consider this in 2006.


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