Networking in Government Circles in Washington DC How to act Gay

Networking in Government Circles in Washington DC; How to act Gay
When networking in government circles in Washington DC it would behoove you to learn a little of the homosexual lingo even if you are not gay. There is an incredible underground gay network in Washington DC that runs our government and they are highly involved with the Congressmen and Senators at the staff level. Many homosexuals are also very involved as bureaucrats around Washington and you will need to work with them if you want to get anything done in that town.
Why is this you ask? Well probably because homosexual men are generally very social and they are good relationship builders kind of like women and without getting too much into stereotypes or prejudice let’s just leave it at that. And really it doesn’t matter why the fact is that it is and you will have to deal with it if you want to get things done in Washington DC as it is very much part of the social networking of the humans to try to run our government.
Of course there is a group that is very anti-gay but not in a vocal way. Instead they act a little standoffish when they believe they are talking to someone who is a homosexual. Many homosexuals in Washington DC believe they’re just homophobic and perhaps they are as this would explain their attitude. Perhaps homosexuals challenge their manhood or the way they were brought up. Either way it behooves you to understand the difference and be able to change your personality when networking in parties in Washington DC. Please consider this in 2006.


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