New Marriages

New Marriages
I am about as liberal as you can get. I am also a teacher where values are inferred; they Are normally taught at home.
Kids are not stupid but they are naïve. When kids ask “who is the father or the mother” Depending on whether the gay couple is male male or female female the question is Exceedingly reasonable. The current political “spin” [here we go again] is it is no ones business but the couples!
NOT many years ago gay behavior was purely outlawed. NOT sure I go along with that reasoning but……..and in my family a normal family was all that was considered. A racially mixed family was fine. Tall and short were fine. Older and younger was fine. But they were all male and female [and the couple were prepared for the jokes that followed].
EVEN a famous singer wrote “Whats love got to do with it?” Well a lot. However while marriage between a 10 yr old girl in Virginia and her 30 yr old husband raised a lot of eyebrows and a Lewis married his cousin who was a zillion years younger at least it was female and male.
Yes it is great to be able to adopt. But damn man kids in school and throughout their lives have to say “my mom does this and my dad does this” and to have them say JOHN does this and Joe does that…….is just not fair!
And gay couples demanding spousal rights. Hmmm. Rights to what? THEIR kids? Kids that one bore the other! Kids that both had involvement in bringing into the world?
Seems like a crack head and a pot head.
Thankfully most US states outlaw/prohibit such a relationship Mass. not withstanding.
I have no trouble with gays loving each other. NONE whatever. But please do not prostitute the laws our culture or our childrens mind with “I gotta have mine regardless.”
AS a parting query; does anyone know The Gay Center at 218 W. 13 st. NY. 10011. They are sending me emails even after I have asked them politely not to. It is illegal But I did not want to start litigation.


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