Prison Break

Prison Break
In an attempt to put a stop to the lingering gossip and to clarify his name once and for all Wenthworth Miller star of the show Prison Break speaks up the truth about his sexuality stating that he is not a homosexual.
Moreover he clarifies the fact that he is not even bothered with the rumors and the people who try to put him down.
In addition he perceives this tittle-tattle as positive publicity to his thriving career and more importantly to the show Prison Break that marked his stance on the entertainment industry. He stresses that he is very much aware of the rumors about him but does not really care about other peoples perception of him.
Prison Break an action-drama series is about the bond of two brothers and their attempt to escape the penitentiary. The television show although also filled with other talented cast members has ultimately launched Millers career. The said television series showcased Millers versatility and acting expertise in the field of drama action and suspense giving emphasis on his artistic and persuasive portrayal of a brilliant engineer desperate to save his brother as well as his cool and calm approach to heart pounding situations.
The question that remains with his explanation are the spectators convinced about his gay denial? With Miller’s firm attestation about not being gay people also explore the idea if his fate will be just like those other actors on the rise who have also been faced with the same intrigue where in they denied the issue on many occasions and yet were eventually proven guilty of being gay.
Fans and viewers will just have to standby his popular television series as well as the rest of his mounting career to find out. Prison Break airs Mondays at 8:00 PM on Fox.


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