Pro Racing Has A New Darling

Pro Racing Has A New Darling
Time passes people change and we get older. Every New Year brings hopes and dreams but reality sometimes takes the wind out of our sails. We just need to keep a positive outlook on ourselves and our community and reap the benefits of our hard work.
The recent movie Talladega Nights was a bit of a surprise to me. The lead character(Will Farrell) has a nemesis…a French gay race car driver. The stereotype is there (he is a queen) but the reality is not. I know it is a comedy (and it is pretty funny) but the point is that people relate fiction to our community. I am trying to change the public perception of what a “gay” person is. I want to show the public that there really is no “gay” issue just diverse types of people.
There is also a real problem with suicide among gays and gay teens. Many of us have had an upbringing where we were told that we were NOT gay those people made bad decisions etc. It is a very difficult time in anyones life (the realization that you are different) and to have the pressures of parents and communities telling you that something is wrong with you can be difficult. The pressure from parents community churches and television can sometimes become too much and lives are lost.
The image of a persons doing something in a straight-oriented market like pro sports should show that we are all really just the same. If one person can be saved from killing themselves we did well by being ourselves and proud of who we are. As time moves along we will gain more and more acceptance and our quality of life will continue to improve. I want to go into the pro arena as a person that is not afraid of who I am. Most pro athletes come out of the closet after retirement as the pressures of being out in a team environment would be too difficult and have a detrimental effect on their career.
I have researched many companies and am targeting GLBT businesses with the opportunity of televised advertising. I have sent off a lot of information to many celebrities in hopes of garnering support for our community and my racing. I am looking for public and private support. The racing schedule this year is pretty hectic and I would like to start working on my racing…not fundraising!


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