The Gay Morality Debate

The Gay Morality Debate
Recently homosexual activists called for Marine General Peter Pace to be forced out of the service because he called sex between two homosexuals immoral. General Pace specifically said “I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts. I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way.”
The general went on to explain “I would not want acceptance of overt homosexual behavior to be our policy just like I would not want it to be our policy that if we were to find out that so-and-so was sleeping with somebody elses wife that we would just look the other way which we do not. We prosecute that kind of immoral behavior.”
General Paces position is supported by Christian bible scripture and church tradition as well as the religious teachings of the worlds major religions for millenniums. Word limitations forbid my listing the multitude of bible passages in both the Old and New Testaments as well as writings of the early church fathers which speaks to the sinfulness of homosexual sodomy as a part of this article. However I have listed them in my article by the same title in the “Authors” for those who are interested.
For agonistics atheists or any other “unbelievers” quoting bible scripture or other religious writings would be meaningless. If one does not believe that Holy Scripture is the inspired word of God then scripture itself can be discarded as useless fiction. However even the “unbelievers” must acknowledge that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles values and morals. They must accept that the majority of Americans consider themselves to be “believers” in accordance with all credible polls. Most of the American “believers” also identity themselves as “Christians.” Hence even if one disagrees with them they ought to at least respect that “believers” do believe the tenets of their faith and that their rights to practice their faith deserves respect. To do otherwise suggests that the majority of Americans are not worthy of respect. The minority has rights that deserve to be respected and protected but minority rights ought never trump majority rights.
On purely secular terms without regard to religion just think about what two men or two women do to each other in a homosexual relationship. Get that image in your mind. The penetraton of an orifice that is designed expressly for discarding excrement human waste is not only repulsive and filthy it defies the biological intent of reproduction. No lesbian ever got pregnant through cunnilingus either. You donąt need bible scripture or religion to understand why that is perverse.
If the gay community still insists that such perversion is good pure and moral and that defying God’s will and that HIS designated abomination could ever be associated with an “act of love” they should at least answer the question “Under whos authority do you make this morality claim?” The only answer the gay community can offer is that it is done solely under their own authority. They alone decide what is or is not moral. Why? Because they say so thats why. Their own “moral declarations” is the only authority they need or desire. Anyone that dares to challenge their authority is labeled a “homophobe” and immediately becomes the target of gay attacks. The gay communitys goal is to persecute them. Homosexuals alone set the rules of the “new morality.”
If man can behave in such a manner if any group of individuals actuating on “sexual gratification impulses” can determine what is “moral” then why not include bigamy pedophilia or bestiality in the “new moral mix?” What is next? Can their ever be a limit on perversion if the gay community gets its way?
Gay people have freedom of thought and are privately free to act in any manner they choose consistent with the law. Neither I nor anyone else wishes to deprive gay people of their constitutional rights. However it is when homosexuals seek to impose their will by mandating that their “gay morality” be accepted by the rest of us as the “new moral standard” in contravention of religious teachings and church traditions through the millenniums that the situation becomes highly objectionable and even dangerous. This threatens the already fragile moral fabric of the nation. Thus it is rightly a concern for all Americans and every person of faith.
Additionally the manner in which the gay community attempts to distract from their own sinful perversions by highlighting the sins of others past and present is pure deception that nobody should be fooled by. Talking about “immoral political decisions” pertaining to the war in Iraq or some other questionable political decision whether true or not has nothing whatever to do with sodomy gay sex. Highlighting anothers sin in no way absolves gay people of their own. These other moral concerns can and should be brought up and discussed if need be – condemned but it should always be done separately to the moral debate on “gay morality.” It is false to use these “distracters” in the manner in which homosexuals do – to somehow excuse their own sinful transgressions. The immoral acts of some can never justify immoral perversion by others. Yet this is a typical tactic of the gay community. Everyone should be alert to this terrible tactic.
My authority is the bible and over 2000 years of religions teachings and church tradition; all of which say sodomy homosexual sex is an immoral abomination a grave mortal sin. My authority comes from almighty God Himself. HIS authority matters not the sexual orientation and perverse sexual desires of the homosexual community.
It is important for eveyone and especially gay people to understand that Christians absolutely oppose discrimination against and oppression of gay people. In fact Christians would fight for the equal and fair rights of gays and would defend them against any oppression or discrimination as long as gay people dont seek to impose their homosexual lifestyles on them their children or others. Forcing Christians to say that homosexuality is not a sin is clearly such an imposition. It is a violation of the tenets of Christianity itself for any Chrstian to accept any lifestyle as being normal and moral if it runs contrary to the word of God in Holy Scripture. The old adage “You’re asking to much” definately holds true when the gay community attempts to impose this “new morality” on Christains. For practicing Christians accepting “gay morality” would be a sacrilege – a mortal sin. The issue is not if Christains can be tolerant of gays they already are (they just reject the gay life style). The real issue is the increasing intolerance of the gay community of Christians and other people of faith.
Christians condemn the sin not the sinner. The problem is that gays refuse to distinguish between the two. Christians also condemn the sins of adultery sexual promiscuity and all other sins. You will find Christians caring for and providing for sinful drug addicts prostitutes and alcoholics. Visit any prison and you will find Christians ministering to the incarcerated criminals who have committed all manner of sin. Christians still love them all pray for them all and try to help them even as they condemn their sinful acts. Christians are not self-righteous. They know and understand that they too are sinners who need forgiveness. They feel great remorse for their own sinful transgressions.
The difference is that Christians (1) recognize the sin as being sin (2) feel genuine remorse for committing their sinful acts and (3) they try to change and not repeat the same sins over and over again. The gay community on the other hand does not recognize homosexual sodomy as sin feels no remorse for committing homosexual sodomy and refuses to change their sinful ways. They continue to engage in homosexual sodomy over and over again without remorse. Moreover the gay community insists that everyone else must accept their homosexual lifestyle as being both normal and moral. They seek to change laws so that they can punish anyone who disagrees that homosexuality is a good and acceptable “new morality.” That is hateful. That is dangerous.
Gays dont have to fear Christians but Christians should be very concerned about the ever increasing number of gay people who wish to persecute and punish them for their religious beliefs. It is both an intellectual failure and a failure of respect by the gay community to realistically expect people of faith to abandon the tenets of their faith in order to accommodate their scripturally defined sexual perversion. Accepting gays is not an issue. Gays are already accepted and loved like other sinners to include devout Christians who are also sinners. However accommodating the gay lifestyle as a matter of policy is at issue and would be a grave mistake. Gays refuse to accept that it is the sin itself that offends.
Many gays will go so far as to blame God for their own homosexuality. They say God made them that way. That is like saying God ordained sinners to commit sin. It is true that God gave mankind “free choice” but it is also true that He wanted them to choose Him and His teachings and to avoid sin. It is likewise true that God condemned sin and unrepentant sinners. He promises to punish those who sin and those who do not repent their sinful acts. Christians are just sharing Gods message to the world. They want everyone to be “saved.”
If God is indeed an infallible deity (and HE certainly is) then He would not condemn sodomy as an awful abomination and then create homosexuals and mandate that they commit this abomination. That would make God Himself a sinner which is impossible. It would constitute a contradiction that an infallible deity could not commit. If God did that then He would be less then perfect. If God is not perfect then He is not God. Hence homosexual sodomy is an indeed a sinful abomination and gay people need to understand this truth.
It is the duty of Christians to warn homosexuals as an act of love and to help protect others from falling in to such a sinful and perverted lifestyle. So that is precisely what they are doing; the courageous Christians at least. Many Christians are cowards to their own faith. They remain cowardly silent and oblivious to the God ordained perversion of homosexuality that increasingly surrounds them and their loved ones. They fear being declared a “homophobe.”
A phobia pertains to “fear.” Hence “homophobia” implies that one either “fears homosexuals” or “fears their own homosexual tendencies.” In reality people of faith do not fear homosexuals in anyway. As much as the gay community may wish it to be true they don’t fear homosexual tendencies in themselves either. Perhaps some flirted with curiosity but they don’t have a compulsion to sodimize someone of the same sex. That compulsion is perverted in the same way that pedophilia is. It should not surprise that most pedodphiles are gay. Christians simply reject the sin of sodomy the practice of gay sex in accordance with their faith.
The gay commuity invented the word “homophobe” to slander anyone who does not agree with them or their gay agenda. It is kind of how they stole the word “gay” from the english language. The word “gay” of course refered to “happiness” or “joy” and had nothing to do with homosexuality. The gay commuity feels free to do exactly as they please and to change whatever they want any time they want to meet thier gay agenda even the word of God. The expectation of course is that everyone must fall in line – or else. Evidence that the gay community invented the word “homophobe” to do harm to anyone who opposes their gay agenda and they have suceeded. It is sad how sucessful they have become and how many good people have been injured because so many people of faith lack courage.
Gays have no fear of speaking out at every opportunity but Christains do. The “homophobe” label has made Christians cower. It’s almost as if it has become fashionable for modern day Christians to be cowards. That is not consistent with Christian heritage but it is the realtiy of the present. Many if not most Christians are afraid of words. But courage requires one to overcome their fears. If you cant be courageous for your own Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit inspired word of God can you be courageous for anyone?
There are both sins of omission as well as sins of commission. God will also remember the Christian cowards (may God have mercy on them). They are the ones who know sin and although they dont commit a particular sin themselves they only speak against it in private and in the “safety” of seclusion with like minded people. They are the Christian cowards who turn silently away while allowing Gods ordained abomination to flourish and threaten our youth and those who easily succumb to sin. By doing nothing to protect they embolden perversion. Courage always involves personal risk. If you dont assume personal risk then you can not be brave.
God will keep His promise to hold homosexuals personally accountable for their sinful choices; just as He does everyone else for whatever sins they commit. You cant feel remorse and be forgiven of your sins if you defiantly refuse to change your sinful ways and tell God that He is wrong that what God Himself defined as a sinful abomination is really not a sin at all. The gay communitys position that homosexual sodomy is good normal and moral is simply ridiculous from an intellectual secular perspective and sacrilegious from the perspective of the Christian faith and the other major religions of the world. Denial of God’s truth will not save anyone on judgment day. That is just the honest to God truth – the facts.
The Gay community likens Christians to radical Islamists accusing them of being crazy theocrats who wish to harm. While it is true that in strict Islamic cultures homosexuals would absolutely be persecuted jailed beaten and even killed it is an affront to decency itself to liken Christians to the same mentality as these genuinely evil Islamic radicals. Christians not only wound never do any of these things to gays nor approve of anyone else doing such terrible things to gay people they would defend the gays at their own risk and peril to keep them from being mistreated in such a manner. As is clearly noted Christians love gay people; they just oppose and stand against sin as it is their duty and Christian obligation to do. It is the Gay community that hates Christians for being true to their Christian faith.
Bible scripture the inspired word of God says sodomy is an abomination. That point is clear. For Christians it is a matter of faith that homosexual sodomy is a sinful abomination. To believe otherwise requires a Christian to deny their faith. That is like asking them to condemn themselves to hell.
Today we have a genuine dilemma. The express practice of homosexual sodomy is increasingly deemed to be both normal and moral in our society. Over 2000 thousand years of religious moral teachings and traditions encompassing all the worlds major religions can just be damned and declared wrong – so says the gay community. Gay people say gay sex is normal and moral; therefore everybody “must” accept this “new morality” or forever be labeled a “homophobe” and risk persecution if they fail to accept this new perverted morality. The sinner becomes moral and he who objects to the sin is deemed immoral. Bad becomes good and good becomes bad. Sin is malignant and contagious no doubt about it. The prevailing question is “Will America cowardly stand by and watch; will Americans and Christians in particular allow sinfulness to flourish without a fight by their cowardly silence thus making sin itself the new moral standard.” What ever happened to the courage of Americas faithful? God is watching. ///END///


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