The Problem Of Gay Marriages

The Problem Of Gay Marriages
Nowadays the problem of gay marriages becomes more and more important and actual particularly in well-developed occidental countries such as the USA. The last presidential elections are a good evidence of this fact because probably the problem of gay marriages played such an important role in the campaign. The fact that the candidates raised this problem on the highest level indicates that very soon the role of the problem will increase. Anyway it is evident that the society has to discuss widely and find some solution to this particular problem.
Such a discussion has been already started and now it is in the progress many specialists discuss it beginning from ordinary people to specialists in law medicine representatives of different religions and finally politicians of the highest level. Naturally one may ask why it is so important nowadays and what are its causes and possible consequences of its solution. In my opinion it is the result of the gradual evaluation of western society particularly its political and legislative traditions. It is evident that in those countries where human relations achieved such freedom as in the US for instance and where an individual his or her rights are the highest value and finally where democracy is the basis of all relations within the society then it is quite natural that people tend to develop interpersonal relations in the direction of enlarged freedom.
Consequently taking into consideration all the variety of relations that exist or could exist within the society we can easily come to the conclusion that people need to legalize such relations in order not to be a kind of outcasts. In the case of gays it is particularly important because it does not need to be prove that there is a big part of the society that oppose to any kind of homosexual relations naturally for this part of the population gay marriages are unthinkable and certainly unacceptable as a result gays become outcasts. Furthermore the gaps in legislation or more precisely the absence of legislation regulating relations between gays themselves or between gays and the rest of the society lead to their isolation and in this sense they may be labeled as a deprived part of the society.
Thus one part of the society represented by gays strive for equality with other members of the society at least through legalization their relations through the institute of marriage while the other part that may be defined as a conventional or maybe conservative wants to sustain the existing situation or even oppose to any attempts to legalize gays family relations. That is why in my paper I am going to discuss the problem of gay marriage I will try to find out what vies on this problem exist and certainly I will discuss the definition of marriage itself how it relates to the existing doctrine of separation of the church from the state and finally I will dwell upon the constitutional violation of the principle separate but equal.
Firstly I would like to start with the different attitude that is now formed in relation to the problem of gay marriages. From the very beginning I want to underline that views on this problem vary greatly. Probably the simplest variant sounds as to be or not to be in other words to accept or not gay marriages. It is certainly a question the answer to which will give us a definite solution of the problem but unfortunately it could be quite radical and shocking for a conservative part of the society. Naturally there are some other attitudes to the problem and ways of its solution which differ from a total acceptance however mainly from the part of homosexuals themselves and a relatively small part of traditionally oriented people to a complete ignorance of this problem those who belong to the adepts of the latter becomes less and less numerous. Frankly speaking it is quite difficult to find out who is right and who is not. But in my opinion sooner or later we have to give a concrete answer to the question to be or not to be. To answer this question we have to regard at this problem from different ground as all people now actually do but if they really want to solve the problem they probably have to find some compromise or simply try to listen and understand each other. So I will briefly try to explain the main points of view on the problem and then I will discuss some of them a bit later.
So we have to regard at the problem of gay marriages in two dimensions: moral and juridical and it seems to me that the former is much harder to deal with then the latter. I will try to explain my idea. The problem of gay marriages is for the major part of society is first of all the problem of morality. A great part of the population think how moral it is to accept marriages between gays how it corresponds to their personal moral and what is not less important religious views. The latter is of a paramount importance because as I will prove it a bit later the religious view on the problem is extremely important and actually enlarge the question from a concrete one whether to admit or not gay marriage to a larger or even philosophical one to the question of a traditional life style of the whole society. As for the juridical side of the problem at the first glance it seems technically simple. It is supposed that through an amendment to the Constitution and several legislative acts the problem may be solved. But even this technical implementation of changes in the existing law will find a strong opposition regardless it is pro or contra gay marriages because it will influence the electorate attitude to this or that politician and it is quite risky to take a rigid ground without a possibility to change personal views.
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Thus we may say that gay marriage is the subject of public discussions and in my opinion it will remain as such for quite a long time because the solution of the problem is quite difficult from both aspects moral and juridical. Anyway the main and defining in this discussion will be public opinion which is influenced by many factors and some of them I have already mentioned.


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