Why A Gay Support Group Could Be The Answer To Your Prayers

Why A Gay Support Group Could Be The Answer To Your Prayers
Being same sex attracted can be for many a very desperate and confusing time. This is where a gay support group can be very helpful indeed. Hiding your sexual orientation from most people including your family friends and work colleagues is not always a healthy alternative although it may be the safest solution at the time.
Joining some type of group that is made up of people in the same situation is a good idea as you will feel safe and know that you can talk about your feelings with people who really understand you. You will feel that you are not alone and this is very important. Because you ARE NOT ALONE.
Believe me when I say that there are more homosexual and bisexual people in this world than society wants to acknowledge. Of course it does not help the fact that the majority of gay people do not go around stating that they are in fact same sex attracted so how would society know. Not that they should if they do not wish to. But I believe that most do not because of the fear of rejection and discrimination.
These days people are ‘coming out’ so much younger than in years gone by. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that the earlier you come out the longer your life will be lived honestly and also that society will be forced to accept homosexuality a little faster but the bad can be that often at a younger age you are not so mature to handle the negatives that go with ‘coming out’.
There are more and more gay teen support groups being organized all around the world that have been detrimental in helping our youth grow and become stronger people. The suicide rate is far too high in teenagers and in particular gay teenagers. This is so unnecessary and very very sad.
The Internet plays a very important role in helping not only homosexual and bisexual people but also their families and friends. There are many websites that offer wonderful support so please look and contact one that will be a support to you. You will be surprised with how much better you will feel once you have become part of a gay support group.


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