Will Gay Marriage Slow Down AIDS Crisis

Will Gay Marriage Slow Down AIDS Crisis
It is widely known in the Homosexual Male Populations that the promiscuity is astronomically high. The AIDS crisis has lost a little momentum in the United States in heterosexual populations in recent years due to awareness. We are not out of the woods by any means but we have slowed the crisis and exponential growth of the disease in the states. In places like Africa India and China there is a much different story.
Is homosexual marriage a way to slow down the AIDS crisis in other countries? Spain and Canada have enacted legislation allowing gay couples to be married. Some homosexual couples are moving to these countries so that the can get married. This is a wonderful thing for everyone as it slows the spread of AIDS and the new couple will most likely stop their promiscuity for a few years. Many lawyers are also thrilled as it adds a new specialty of “Gay” Family Law. There are large numbers of Homosexual Attorneys in our country and they often stick together tightly in the gay community to advance there march on society. This way they can use law to sue people who might disagree with their positions. There are many gay and lesbian legal websites on the Internet and few realize their lobbying ability in major capital cities and Washington D.C.
If any thing good is to become of such advances it will be the slowing of AIDS as it is still a dangerous issue for promiscuous homosexual men. The percentage of the homosexual men who have AIDS is off the charts in relation to non-gay populations in the United States. Perhaps the allowing of marriages for gay men might slow down the spread of AIDS to heterosexual populations. This seems to be a relevant issue to the political debate on Gay Marriage. What do you think?


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